Shooting in Aperture Priority (or Mode)

Well, in this article we are going to talk about shooting in aperture priority.

So lets start with the concept of aperture. Aperture is how much the lens opens, so its basically the amount of light that the camera lets pass. It is control by the diaphragm.

This is an example of the diaphragm in different f-numbers.

So, as you can see the larger the number is, it closes more, letting less light in. So why don't we play around with the aperture numbers.

If you play with the f-numbers you'll see the next results (as I show them I'll explain each image):

This images is F-3.5, so as you can see the background is all blury and the subject (in this case a flower) is clear.

This one is F-22, you can see that the subject and the background are both clear.

Play with the f-numbers and you'll get different results, search for the Result you want and have fun.
The next article will be about shutter priority.

Please Feel Free to send an example of your aperture priority shots to my email.