Saturday, January 29, 2011

About the Camera

Yes. The Equipment is important. You might want to buy an outstanding camera, best megapixels, functions, sensor, lenses. Yes, it is important someway, but there is something more important.

YOUR PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY. Thats the equipment you might want to start with. The camera is a device with allot of functions that can help you to take a good photo, but your eyes are way better. In this Blog we might want to develop the capacity to analyze our surrounding. Sometimes the details are what makes a photography a good photography. Imagination and Creativity are also important but we'll talk about it later.

So with the eyes and mind wide open, Why Don't we start This Blog?

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  1. hi. I'm a digital media student who is writing an essay about digital photography in terms of value and permanence, trust in what we see and news coverage changes associated with it. Do you have strong views on the subject? or any views?i would very much appreciate some feedback.